Frequently Asked Questions

Captive Eight Connect helps you reduce costs, improve your results and provide a strong ROI for your business.

  • Access to industry subject matter experts and peers on your IT topics.
  • Save time and avoid mistakes on your projects and initiatives.
  • Meet other Executives for special webinars, events and dinners.
  • Receive mentorship and mentor others.
  • Obtain points for travel/gifts/tickets and other exciting events.

Peer Insight Calls are one-on-one calls with other members who have experience with your critical IT topic. These calls are intended to help you answer your IT questions throughout the year and are available any time you need insight or a recommendation.

Advisory Councils consist of two or more other Executives who are able to assist you for the length of your initiative. (Typically, 3 months). For each council, you can schedule up to three 1-hour conference calls per quarter.

Your Relationship Manager will assist you with the coordination of calls, choosing the best Executive or team of Executives for your needs, as well as helping you with any other connection logistics.

Captive Eight offers you an unlimited number of calls and advisory councils. Whatever your question, we will do our best to match you with the right Executive(s) to help answer your questions.

You can receive points by assisting the other Executives with their initiatives. Peer Insight Calls, Advisory Councils and attending events are all examples of ways to receive points. In addition, mentoring another Executive, leading a webinar or another idea you might have will make you eligible for points.

Rewards are designed to be creative and fun and can even be personalized to your interests or location. Examples include:

  • Dinners at hard to book places
  • Golf and tennis rounds
  • Resort/spa treatments
  • Tickets to events
  • Visits to historical/famous places
  • Starbucks and Amazon gift cards

Corporate memberships are available on an annual basis, with up to 5 members per company. Please contact us for more details.