For Executives

Try to be realistic with your dates and times. The longer the lead time, the better the chances that Vendors are available. To have the largest variety of Vendors to choose from, request a lunch/meeting at least one week in advance.

Check the app and your emails frequently to respond in a timely way so that Vendors have time to make the date and time work.

Emergencies happen but try your best to keep the appointment out of courtesy to the Vendors.

For Vendors

Once you have signed up, keep an eye on your emails for interest from Executives, and respond to requests quickly to ensure you are included in the list of interested Vendors.

If your company has a spending cap for sales meals, please make sure you get this approved before you submit your interest.

Only cancel in an absolute emergency. Multiple cancellations may result in penalties.

Once you are chosen by the Executive, you are responsible for the arrangements at the restaurant or venue. You must make all reservations. Make sure you confirm date, time and location.

If you don’t already know the Executive, we recommend researching her/him to provide yourself with relevant information ahead of time.